Overpopulation In Uzbekistan

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The realization of the world’s population crisis is creating new and disturbing ideas by many people to solve our overpopulation problem. When governments find themselves faced with a population that is increasing beyond the resources available to healthily sustain it, they can take plenty of different roads to address it. Some nations seek to educate people about contraceptive options and make birth control more widely available in the hopes that families will choose to limit family size voluntarily. While other governments go to the extreme of actually engaging in sterilizations, often without the consent of the women. China, Peru, and Uzbekistan all utilize extreme forms of population control by the government, such as child policies,…show more content…
This policy was allegedly employed by the federal government to boost Uzbekistan’s international reputation, as their infant and maternal mortality statistics would lower. Since the late 1990s, reports from Uzbek healthcare workers, victimized women, and third party organizations in the state have repeatedly claimed the existence of a forced sterilization policy run by the government. Uzbek authorities have been quick to deny these claims but according to reports, the preferred form of forced sterilization in Uzbekistan is a laparoscopic surgery in which doctors tie a woman’s fallopian tubes. Hysterectomies, the surgical removal of the uterus, have also been employed. Both methods are irreversible, meaning that the government is permanently ending a woman’s ability to reproduce, often without consent. Harvard International Review (HIR) stated that “the Uzbek government allegedly sets quotas for the number of sterilizations that hospitals and individual doctors must perform each month.” Because doctors are held accountable to these quotas, there is an impulse to sterilize at all costs. HIR says, “Some doctors lie to patients in order to get them to “consent” to sterilization… Many women are unknowingly sterilized while undergoing unrelated surgeries or C-section births.” Uzbek culture has a…show more content…
The first thing that a married couple in China typically does is apply for a family planning service certificate, otherwise known as a government-issued birth permit. This allows the child to be born legally. The process of applying for this permit is not simple. This is due to the fact that the Chinese government sees reproduction as a privilege that is granted by the state. This privilege is given only upon the citizen’s fulfillment of her duties to the state. According to officials, once a couple has been granted the right to have a child, they then have a duty to make use of contraceptives to prevent further pregnancies. Since the Chinese have long had a preference for male babies, the one-child rule has caused many problems for female infants. Abortion, out-of-country adoptions, and even abandonment are known to occur to females. Statistically, this extreme form of family planning has resulted in the ratio of 115 males for every 100 female babies born. Normally, 105 males are naturally born for every 100 females. This skewed ratio in China creates a problem for the future generation of young men of not having enough women to marry and have their own

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