Pornography Addiction Research Paper

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Pornography is both a macro (regional, national and global) and micro (individual) social problem. There are male pornography abusers in every nation of the world and each male person’s individual case of addiction is a social problem for himself – complicating and destroying his life in all of the areas of being human formerly cited and harming other people relationally associated with himself.

Defining Addiction

A male individual is considered a pornography addict when he utilizes pornography as the primary means favored or utilized (in lieu of living persons) to achieve an orgasmic experience. Also, a pornography addiction is further defined and diagnosed when the male abuser of pornography forsakes work, family or educational responsibilities
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Likewise, the porn-addicted male person derives meaning and temporary relief in correlation with a specific area of deprivation (ex: mistrust, hate, anger, guilt, need for power, need for self-affirmation, etc.). This meaning and temporary relief is realized by utilizing a depicted image or expansive video image(s) (homosexuality, intercourse, rape, sodomy, personal stripping and masturbation, sex with animals, male or female fellatio, female or male ejaculation facials, pedophilia, defecation or urination, etc.) in order to accentuate meaning and relief toward that area of deprivation by achieving orgasmic pleasure and a sense of personal security in association with the meaning given to the image or images viewed – a sort of temporary state of healing that must be repeated over and over again – hence the reinforcing the addiction and the experiencing of any self-destructive consequences associated with the addiction.

Is Pornography Addiction a Mental Illness?

Because pornography addiction is an obsession and compulsion, it certainly therefore should be defined as a mental illness.

How Should Male Pornography Addiction be Understood?

Male pornography addiction must be analyzed and understood from all of the five areas of being human. For instance, all five areas of being human need to
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That said, we then begin to understand that male pornography addiction is a coping mechanism in lieu of the fact that the fullness of the love of God cannot be apprehended consistently enough by the male porn addict in order to overcome the areas of deprivations being experienced. Moreover, from a spiritual point of view, it is a factual belief that Almighty God is in heaven and humankind is upon earth. Although the Holy Spirit is upon earth to help us, human beings are still confined to a physical body that limits our spiritual, physiological, sociological, psychological and vocational understanding; thereby keeping us in an everlasting state of ignorance and bondage to any deprived needs we possess in any of the former cited areas of being human. Likewise, our spiritual ignorant state causes us to see many events in the extreme and also motivates many people to act excessively in reference to real or perceived deprivations. The Old Testament gives credibility to this spiritual debilitating fact of the human condition by admonishing us to avoid all extremes. (Ecclesiastes 9:3). Another

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