The Pros And Cons Of Post Stroke

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It is a known fact, that strokes are the third leading cause of death within the United States. Ultimately, the burdens that stroke victims face, comes from their own post illness. Whether it has been emotionally, physically, etc. (Mohd Zulkifly et al.) These burdens, that stroke victims face may hinder their daily activity and living conditions. Thankfully, there has been on-going research conducted, that relates to the overall care of post-stroke victims, and how they have been conditioned back into their old living habits prior to the stroke. When the care of a patient, who has suffered from a stroke is determined, rehabilitation that may suite the individual’s needs, is often recommended and required to get the best end results possible. Furthermore, most of the aftercare that post stroke patients receive is acute patient care; which provides an extensive amount of care, given within a…show more content…
Researchers, have found that self-management is recognized as an important concept, when it comes to rehabilitation of those who have suffered from a stroke. It allows patients to manage their own lives, while also giving themselves a meaningful life post stroke. Self-management is defined as an ‘individual’s ability to connect with their familiar social settings, while also incorporating their illness into their social life. Furthermore, understanding how post-stroke patients managed after being discharged, was studied in settings that familiar to the patient (Healthcare settings, work, etc.). Although, this study has been more interactive than the previous, it should be mentioned not all patients had the success of transitioning from the hospice care, back into their familiar environment with a new illness. Some often preferred to be “coached” along the way, by a professional. Before making at final move on their own, and with the help of family. (Satink et

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