The Pros And Cons Of Poverty In Life

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What causes poverty? Poverty is not only in Africa, but all over the world. Each day the economic keeps getting harder and harder. As things get difficult people are losing their jobs, education path and family from thirst of water and hunger. Life is not easy that why everybody acts greedy to share with people around them. Nobody chooses to be poor, but most of the time because of the choices we make can make our life difficult. Hardship is the beginning of starting a career. The government plays a big role in the life of the citizens. The point of choosing a president or a king of a country is to help stop an end to poverty. Poverty can be stop if we are united together and give in for one another. The poverty rate in Liberia is increasing higher every day. I want to fund an organization that will bring a change to this country. This organization is called the Louise Foundation that will bring a positive effect on the people.…show more content…
It is so sad that not everyone knows that the unemployment rate in Liberia is increasing gradually. There are no enough jobs there because the government is corrupt. Everyone is turning their own way to persuade ones happiness. For instance, the president cares about fixing the street rather than providing jobs for her people. My goal is to open some quality training institute because there are not enough jobs there. From what I experienced in Liberia many are not well educated. Just few of them can read and write with a full understand. This Foundation will build a nice selling hall because that is the most popular job in Monrovia. All most all people know how to sell to earn a living. The least but not the last reason why there is poverty in Liberia is that we are lacking in our natural resources. We have the best natural resources in the whole world which is oil, iron and rubber plantation. But we don’t know how to make money out of

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