The Pros And Cons Of Poverty In South Africa

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Executive summary South Africa has many socio economic issues, one of the biggest and most important being poverty, since it is the basis of all the others. There are many franchises in South Africa, that focus on CSR and how to get involved with current problems South Africa is facing Kentucky Fried Chicken, is a fast food franchise that specifically is involved with minimising world hunger. This business does have many other CSR programs, but the “Add Hope” campaign that focuses on hunger is one of its biggest in South Africa They have tried to reduce the effects of this issue, by donating funds to The World Hunger Program, to be able to invest in enhancing the quality life of South Africans living in poverty and try to make it easier…show more content…
In South Africa, this specifically links with our government and how they misuse their position of power. Corruption Watch Spokesperson, Bongi Mlangeni once announced that they receive many reports of mismanagement of the public’s funds by the local government. • HIV/AIDS: A sexually transmitted disease that damages the immune system and therefore damages the body’s ability to fight diseases. This is a huge issue in South Africa, since we have so many uneducated people about these diseases and how to prevent them. More than 12% of population is infected with the disease in South Africa. • Lack of Education: South Africa’s poverty levels are very high, therefore there is a high percentage of people who do not have the financial support to afford a basic education or further studies. Not only is that a factor influencing the lack of education, but also unskilled teachers not having the adequate knowledge needed to teach learners. • Poverty: Poverty means to be living in a state of being regarded as “poor”. The high poverty levels can be blamed by lack of education, corruption and even the Apartheid Era. South Africa has the highest rate of poverty, in the whole

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