Problems In South Africa Essay

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South Africa has many socio economic issues, one of the biggest and most important being poverty, since it is the basis of all the others. There are many franchises in South Africa, that focus on CSR and how to get involved with current problems South Africa is facing
Kentucky Fried Chicken, is a fast food franchise that specifically is involved with minimising world hunger. This business does have many other CSR programs, but the “Add Hope” campaign that focuses on hunger is one of its biggest in South Africa
They have tried to reduce the effects of this issue, by donating funds to The World Hunger Program, to be able to invest in enhancing the quality life of South Africans living in poverty and try to make it easier
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South Africa is one of the countries with the largest percentage of poverty. It is the biggest issue in South Africa today, according to The Daily Maverick. Recently, it has been recorded that 21, 7% of South Africa is living in high rates of poverty. These are people that cannot afford to pay for the basic needs of any person, which includes basic nutrition. People not having the finances to buy proper food and other necessities in today’s life, for example transport, and is at a shocking 37%. 53.8% of people fall under the less serious category of poverty, who can afford the necessities, but not the required amount. These people are said to survive on R779 a month.
The percentage of poverty has increased, due to unemployment as well. People not being able to find a job and therefore not being able to pay for basic needs.
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The Early Childhood Development service, documented that 3 969 000 of young children are currently living in poverty. The highest rates are in the Eastern Cape, KwaZulu-Natal and Limpopo. Poverty alone is a major problem, but the effects that follow are the reason that South African Poverty rates are rising and struggle to
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