The Pros And Cons Of Poverty In America

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That’s a strange concept because most people believe paying more, gets you more. However, these numbers shine a new light on this idea, of paying less, for more. What also must be considered in the above photo is the price: all the costs of the health insurances have been converted into U.S dollars, so in other the U.S amount, it would take to buy those health insurances. ← coherency It is pretty shocking to see the U.S so far behind many of those countries listed. But, there is still a population gap between the U.S and all those countries listed. There are some people that say since the physician to patient ratio is so skewed towards patients, this makes it more difficult for patients to get timely and cost effective healthcare. Despite…show more content…
This may not seem very significant, but seeing as health is a broad term, 15 percent carries a huge bearing. There is one thing the HUI3 doesn't take into account: poverty. There are more Americans living under the line of poverty than Canadians. Although there has been a direct connection between poverty and bad health, it's likely that living in poverty could lead to health complications. Since higher health insurance prices can be a factor that leads to poverty, it can be said that poverty is more easily avoidable in Canada than it is in the U.S. It is believed that on average, a person reaches their optimal health at the age of 19, and usually later on in life more serious health problems come into play. It is said that Canadians have on average 3 more years than Americans do before they get seriously ill. (Smith.) That means, if we took two "ideal" citizens from the U.S and Canada, then the U.S would receive their fatal sickness disease three years sooner than the Canadians. Therefore, Canadians on average have a better quality of life than Americans. This is the opposite of what most people would like to believe. To fully evaluate both health insurances, both health insurance systems must be compared and
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