The Pros And Cons Of Poverty In Education

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Social problem is a situation whereby there are conditions, events or groups of people contributing to troublesome situations that need to be changed or ameliorated (Gusfield, n.d). As an instance, if people in a certain community are living poor conditions in which they cannot afford their basic needs, poverty has to be looked at in a social problem angle. Injustice From the information presented in the scenario, there is injustice which results from skin based discrimination. For racial discrimination, one of three individual black people aged between 18 and 30 is in jail. In addition to that, 34% of black people in Alabama state have lost their right to vote (Bryan, 2012). However, this does not mean that black Americans commit many crimes…show more content…
In addition to that, Montessori discussed different ages at which children are in a good educational period, where they are willing and ready to learn and explore the world as they grow up (American Montessori Society, 2016). From that, individual teachers or knowledge providers should ensure the engagement and interest of children because they are the main basics of learning. However, 60 % of kids drop out of high school, and 80% of kids. In addition, there are kids in schools without any engagement, enjoyment of learning and they do not get any benefit from that. According to Ken 2012, the real education has to give equal weight to the arts, the humanities and to physical education through which children get interested and enjoy learning, which they benefit from. As a way of engaging children, the curriculum should be broad celebrating children’s talents as they get interested differently depending with individual child’s talent. Unfortunately, American teachers are not facilitators, since they do not focus on teaching and learning, but on testing. This is a social problem because the government does not seem to do anything to invest in more professional development, in classroom size and other environments that would make education much interesting (Ken, 2012). Fortunately, there are opportunities for the American Education system…show more content…
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