Analysis: It's Hard Out Here For An Immigrant

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Solomon Hunter
Sociology 1301
Mrs. Lamptey

It’s Hard out Here for an Immigrant
When a person is at the state of being extremely poor it causes them to do things they did not plan on such as, leaving their loved ones behind. Poverty in Mexico is such a huge dilemma that plenty of their citizens died trying to escape. Some make it out, some do not but it all comes down to how bad they want to live the American Dream.
Every immigrant’s goal in life is to live out the American dream. It’s their main purpose of coming to the United States. Sadly, dreams do not always come true, especially in these types of scenarios. With Mexico being fairly close to Texas, can often bring an enormous collection of immigrants to the city of San Antonio.
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Immigrants go through blood, sweat, and tears to provide for their families and live out the American dream. They risk their lives swimming across the Rio Grande River in order to supply money and put food on the table for their families. Although they make it out of Mexico their hardships are just beginning.
Once the immigrants get to San Antonio they have to work their way up to the real money. For instance most of the workers start downtown every morning getting picked up as day labors. Without proper identification or legal documentation stating their U.S citizenship does affect their chances of getting a well-paying job. In order to work day labor they have to be willing to wake up daily, five days a week, and work from six in the morning to five in the evening. This sounds difficult to bare but in reality it is the stepping stone to the American dream. For instance, in every job a person has to be willing to get up and go to work. If they are not willing to go the extra mile they will be unemployed. Therefore they have to go through the hardship before they get to
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They start off downtown working as a day laborer which is basically a temporary job where they have to work for at least a year to get them on their feet in America. Than over time they will eventually branch off into a better job as Said by Victor Hunter Sr. “the more money they get ,the more money they will want to earn. “ Meaning the wealthier you are, the more likely you will want to move out of poverty into something bigger and fancier. Immigrants living downtown are basically their first stepping stones into the American Dream. Basically meaning everybody has to start at the bottom before they get to the
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