Theoretical Knowledge Vs Practical Knowledge Essay

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A major criteria that separates practical knowledge from that of theoretical, is the former’s vast use in the everyday walks of life. Practical knowledge also ensures an accurate application of the learned skills and techniques unlike that in theoretical knowledge. For example, well-established firms today are eyeing and admitting professionals who possess not essentially the scholarly theories or information of the assigned job but these professionals are expected to have a sound ability to apply all this in appropriate situations, hence proving beneficial for the firm. This is one such concrete difference between people having practical knowledge and those with theoretical knowledge. I feel knowledge of any kind has a positive impact on…show more content…
As I have mentioned earlier that any form of knowledge is essential and helps us in life. Theoretical knowledge which includes textbook information or a deep explanation regarding something put down in words stimulates our intelligence,sharpness and memory and it can develop understanding in the long term. Studies also prove that repeated reading or studying theoretical information leads to agility in the brain which increases its sharpness consequently. This does not occur to this extent in practical knowledge. For example, a school boy who is studying for a mathematics exam will tend to succeed and obtain a better understanding to the subject only if he practices the mathematics portion required and perfects it. He wont achieve great results by applying the knowledge in ways like calculating the weight of his own cupboard or bed etc. Thus in some cases theoretical knowledge increases ones mental agility than practical knowledge, leading to success wherever required. Also, going back to my claim, if i was well read about the places i was visiting and was ‘theoretically’ prepared for that place, it would certainly assist me in finding my
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