Essay On Prefabrication

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Construction technologies have been evolved by different trends in time. Conventional construction method has been mastered and applied in many centuries. In this 20th century which every technology has been empowering and enhancing, a new construction technology is emerging and continuously applied in many countries. This technology has attracted worldwide concern because of its significant role to increase construction quality, productivity, safety and efficiency and this technology is namely prefabrication. Generally, prefabrication is manufacturing construction components and building system at offsite and transfer to the construction site and assemble to create a building (Hong, Shen, Li, Zhang & Zhang, 2017). The terminology of prefabrication is such broad as stated by Cao, Li, Zhu, and Zhang (2015), there are several interchangeable terminologies to describe prefabrication such as preassembly, modularization and off-site fabrication, modular housing, off-site production, industrialized building and industrialized housing. Due to high requirements of sustainability and housing demand, prefabrication technology has been applied in developing countries as this technology has many advantages such as reduces construction waste, cost and time (Hong, Shen, Li, Zhang & Zhang, 2017). On the other hand, adoption of…show more content…
It is a recognized fact that prefabricated construction is the future mean of construction. ‘These advantages significantly improved the performance of the entire construction industry in developed and developing countries. (Hong, Shen, Li, Zhang & Zhang, 2017, pp. 650). Overall, for further development of prefabrication technology in the future, research should be done to explore more advantages and resolved the limitation of this
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