Prenatal Testing Argumentative Essay

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Prenatal genetic testing has been a source of controversy over the past few years, and is increasing as medical technology develops. The arguments supporting prenatal testing verses advocates that are pro life no matter what, is under great pressure to decide if prenatal tests are ethical. Bonnie Steinbock, a professor of Health Policy and Philosophy at the University of Albany, and Hank Greely, head of Stanford’s center for Law and Biosciences, both argue against prenatal genetic testing. They both believe that prenatal testing can promote abortion. Although they both share the same viewpoint on how individuals should not use prenatal testing, Greely writes a more persuading and convincing argument due to fewer fallacies. Bonnie Steinbock,…show more content…
He reveals to readers that his first born son was diagnosed at just two months old with cystic fibrosis (CF). He revealed how his life changed, how he had to go to therapy, and how he had to learn how to deal with a child that suffers from CF. He accepted the fact that his son “will not have an easy life.” When his wife was pregnant with their second child, they refused all help from doctors and genetic counselors. Him and his wife both believed that the help that doctors can provide may be the a risk factor to a child developing CF. Greely is credible since he does have a child with CF, and knows the difficulties of caring for a child with a disease. Parents who have a child with CF can relate to Greely, and find him very credible.
In the In the article, “Prenatal Genetic Testing Promotes Abortion”, written by Hank Greely, head of Stanford 's center for Law and biosciences, he claims that prenatal testing will only help “eliminate children that are believe too costly for society”. This is an overgeneralization, and he does not include any statistics to how much a child with a disability can cost. He also states that abortions “will be viewed as a way to save money.” This is an overgeneralized, and oversimplifying claim. He provides no examples of how much a child with a disability can cost verses what a child without a disability
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