Overcrowded In Prisons

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I have learned a lot about prisons and how they function within this chapter. Prisons today compared to prisons back in the day show a drastic change. Take into consideration the Penitentiary Era (1790-1825), Mass Prison Era (1825-1876), Reformatory Era (1876-1890), Industrial Era (1890-1935), Punitive Era (1935-1945), Treatment Era (1945-1967), Community-Based Era (1967-1980), Warehousing Era (1980-1995), and the Just Deserts Era (1985-present) (Schmalleger & Smykia, 2015, p. 214-217). The Just Deserts Era is punishing criminals because they have earned the right to be punished. They are simply given what they deserve. Prison population is also a key topic because controlling jail population is one very important factor. Why are jails overcrowded?…show more content…
They could be a used as a therapeutic outlet for an inmate. “Recreation, and in particular leisure education, is viewed by professional recreators as a tool to aid in the management of stresses associated with institutional life and as the avenue for inmates to return to society better able to manage life's demands” (Carter & Rusell, 2005). This could be a stress reliever for the individuals who struggle with mental illness. Next, there are health care programs for prisoners. According to (Schmalleger & Smykia, 2015, p. 241), “For the nation’s one-half million correctional employees and thousands of daily visitors to prisons and jails, good health care also reduces their risk of becoming infected from inmates with communicable diseases.” I definitely point out a great reason on why the prison health care programs shouldn’t be abolished. “Jail and prison inmates experience disproportionately high levels of both physical and mental symptomatology, including infectious diseases,1-3 chronic conditions,3,4 severe psychological disorders,5 and mild psychological symptomatology” (Lindquist & Lindquist, 1999). We want to run a safe environment while ensuring we maintain good health within the prison walls. Staff health and safety is just as important as a prisoner’s. Also, those with mental health issues deserve treatment as it will assist with their behavior and how they function. I am in favor of all the programs because they each play their part in assisting with the health and needs of those within and they can be cost efficient.We begin this chapter reading about parole and the two types of release options which are mandatory and discretionary. Also, we learn about the issues released offenders deal with trying to lead normal lives after prison. For that reason, programs are created to assist with job search, education, and training. Such programs allow the offender to obtain jobs in prison and/or the “free world” while
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