The Pros And Cons Of Privacy On The Internet

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The E-world has drastically facilitated our life but still many people are not comfortable with the changes it has introduced in our day-today life. Undoubtedly, the user-friendly and efficient electronic gadgets have enabled the companies to gain a deeper understanding about their customers by collecting, organizing, analyzing and utilizing the information about customers liking, preferences, needs, demands, expectations which has helped to foster the relationship with consumers. People provide all valuable information about themselves, knowingly or unknowingly when sending e-mails, surfing the Internet, making a purchase using credit card, signing up for social networking sites, joining frequent-flyer clubs, calling on Skype etc. with web search engine, you have all the information about a person or a thing at your fingertips…Is giving away one’s private information safe on Internet? What if it gets leaked and someone misuses it? What if someone hacks my account? How to control personal information on the internet? Etc all these thoughts pop up in our minds.…show more content…
The privacy issue on Internet is a controversial topic which bothers a lot of people. It is quite possible that the possible data could be deformed and exchanged or sold for illegal use behind somebody’s back. People still apprehend the world of gadgets. Many of us are still afraid to buy stuff online. What if the credit card number gets leaked? What if someone misuses the stolen credit card number? The same concern applied to the passport information. Apart from that, what if my personal life, my secrets get disclosed? Some are fed up if internet scandals and spams. At times, we get the feeling being a celebrity because our private life is no longer private. Ouff! Getting those annoying marketing calls when you are amidst a convivial family
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