The Pros And Cons Of Professionalism In The Workplace

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When most people think about professionalism they think about showing up on time, dressing appropriately, and completing your job. Professionalism at work can consist of so many things. In order to display professionalism at the workplace, someone has to be a good listener, confident, reliable, honest, focused, work well with others, and have a positive attitude. Professionalism in the workplace benefits both the company and its employees. As an employee being professional can allow for you to have a positive work environment and put you in the position for possible promotions. As a company having professional employees can bring in more customers and higher rating which will in return bring in more money. How can being a good listener demonstrate professionalism? When you are a good listener you are actively engaging in a conversation. This is important because it helps build a good rapport with customers. When you build a good rapport with customers they are more likely to come back and refer others. When you are actively listening you can hear the customer, coworker, or manager actual concerns and not have to ask them to repeat themselves. It can be extremely unprofessional and annoying to customer and coworkers if you keep asking them to repeat themselves.…show more content…
If you treat others with respect and have a positive attitude you can gain a good rapport with clients and coworkers. Being honest and trustworthy is one of the key aspects of being professional in the workplace. No one wants to be around someone who they don’t trust. As a professional you have to be able to listen and work well with others. Teamwork can make your day go by so much smoother. Teamwork is also important because you know there is someone there to help you if you need it and you don’t feel alone. Overall it is important to be professional in the work place because it has a impact on the company and your
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