Progressive Globalization Analysis

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One of the key processes in the development of the nowadays world’s situation is the progressive globalization. There is really no matter as to how the opponents or supporters comprehend the globalization process, since, it’s obvious and visible enough that globalization has shaken and changed the world system, generated new issues and rising new opportunities. Globalization is a phenomenon of a variety of “globalizations” of modern civilization in the contemporary world. This aspect is a universal process of culture, ideological, and economic integration of states and associations.
Globalization is a strong and powerful for it to be forgotten or being neutral about. At the present time, globalization is able to capture the world and our
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The perspective of the globalization does and shall continue to follow the ideology that any state is capable to remain progressive and cope with issue, if there will be enough of adequate power, resources, and competent auditors and advisers. Having all these factors with the use of active participation, there’s a huge hope for the future of globalization to be the most effective in the last two decades. However, it’s guaranteed that there will be a note of scientism with this future prediction. Establishing one major government with normative rules and values will stimulate corruption, dissatisfaction, and to a certain extent dictatorship.
From the economic side, the future of globalization most probably shall rely on the unification of the currency into one most efficient one. Yet, the currency situation is more likely is the same, with the Euro and Dollar being the dominant currencies in the modern world. One clear image about the economic globalization is that the money was ruling and will continue to rule the
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Firstly, it is able to stimulate the world progress and active interaction, yet, on the other hand, strong states present huge competition rates.
Having read the chapter, globalization process and its path to future will always consist of opponents and supporters. The supporters are optimistic about the humanity to solve all the global problems. Whereas, the opponents, the new globalization approaches will lead to destruction and a chaos. As long as the humanity, at least a certain amount of it, believes and is triggered enough to go further, there’s a certain percentage of an effective future of the globalization.
The main task, which the globalization is facing, is the ability to ensure that globalization process could become a positive factor for both the states and the people in the entire world. Due to the unevenly-distributed benefits among all the countries, it’s important to pay close attention particularly to the “developing” countries. Therefore, there should be policies made, which would directly meet the level of needs of this
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