The Pros And Cons Of Progressive Reform

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The Progressive era became an iconic time that would not exist if the U.S. was not a democracy. Individuals became empowered to change after seeing all the problems that industrialization created. Progressive era reformers in the late 19th to the early 20th century believed in constructing a new order to improve American welfare. During the progressive movement many progressives such as Robert F. La Follete and Jane Addams sought to generate reform for fairness and to enhance moral values. As a civic duty, progressives such as W.E.B Du Bois fought against the racial injustice in America as well as establish a new order to create a more virtuous society. As the movement continued, reformers accomplished various improvements to innovate social and economic methods. Robert F. La Follette developed a fierce opposition toward capitalist power in his youth. He could not stand for the idea of corruption in politics, so from early on in his career he was challenging the norm and seeking to expose corruption. As an American politician, La Follette was a Republican but quickly transitioned into a progressive once a Wisconsin Republican boss…show more content…
Whether its through less corporate power, Hull Houses, or racial equality, these reformers transformed American society in an influential way. Each of these people had been creating improvements because their society needed change. They had realized that every person has their own responsibility to help make society better, and they decided to do their part. Even now, their impact on society all those years ago still have lasting effects. Progressives were able to find an innovative solution for social issues because they thought of it as a civic duty. Present-day America would not be the same at all if La Follette, Addams, Du Bois, and many others had not taken a stand to implement their beliefs into
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