The Pros And Cons Of Prosecution Of Child Soldiers

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Every day we bring in more child soldiers without questioning them and asking ourselves what the consequence is. Once we take a child and give them a family and stop watching them is when they will strike. People need to have a open mind when taking in child soldiers because some can be helped and be given amnesty. Many child soldiers see things that they will never be able to come back from. Commanders take kids in their prime learning stage and drill bad habits into their heads. Some believe that kids should just walk free without any questioning. Many children are told to kill or be killed. Many children are scared for their life and only want to live. As a community we don't understand that their are so many kids that they are coming in like an endless flood. With so…show more content…
The commander make children do horrible things that will forever scar them. Warlords tell and convince that killing is the only way. A interview of Ishmael Beah says that the child soldiers constantly watched Rambo and were always on drugs (The Hour). The warlords made the kids feel like they were indestructible. “ Prosecution of a child should always be regarded as a measure of last resort and the purpose of any sentence should be to rehabilitate and reintegrate the child into society”(Johannesburg). Some children will never be able to recover but that doesn't mean we can't help them. Some believe kids should get amnesty without a second look. Children are being taken out of their home and watching their families being killed. “ Children are often forced into fighting and have little choice over whether or not they enlist”.(Jeffrey) The kids don't know any better so is it really their fault.When one person takes so many drugs and you get addicted you start to feel like that is the only thing out there for you. People are okay with dismissing the idea the kids have done some horrible things just because they are
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