Prostitution: The World's Oldest Profession

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I am here today to talk about what seems to be the world 's oldest profession: prostitution. In fact, I had a short experience with prostitution that I enjoy. One day, my father and I were on our way home. Walking calmly on the pavement, a shapely lady, well dressed, came out suddenly from nowhere, and seems to head toward us. Suddenly, my father started walking fast as to avoid her. I did not dare to laugh or to ask my father why he was running, but later at school, after asking my teacher, I learnt that this beautiful women was called prostitute, and her job, prostitution. Why was my father running? Perhaps, the beautiful women called prostitute could answer me. I then ask my father to talk with the women, and he told me that I should never in my life try to do so. Why? I did not at that time. But I found out that public opinion sees “Prostitution [as an evil] […] institution […]. It doesn 't matter if it is the 'world 's oldest profession ', it is still wrong.” From such claim, it sound difficult to address the idea of…show more content…
In countries such United Kingdom, it is stated that “[…] Poverty is the main reason [of prostitution]. […] prostitution is about women’s poverty and lack of choices, lack of economic choices, lack of other ways of earning money [and poverty of all kinds] […]. ” (Prostitutescollective) In fact, Poverty is the main cause that brings helpless woman to the doors of prostitution. Instead of staying that outdated mindset of prostitution as a taboo in the society and seeing its legalization as a crime, we should rather trying to help those young women enclosed by its doors. Then the best way to achieve that will be to legalize this “profession”. By legalizing it, it would reduce violence against
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