The Pros And Cons Of Psychoanalysis

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Psycho describes the mind. The mind can be divided into two parts the unconscious and conscious. Ample of theories are used to finding out the unconscious mind, which many are unaware of. Psychoanalysis is used to treat psychological problems and enhance many lives. There are plenty of key concepts in psychoanalytic therapy. One of the key concepts of psychoanalytic therapy is the development of psycho- sexual stages. The psycho- sexual stages contain five types of stages. One of which is the oral stage. The oral stage starts at the age of birth till the age of two. At this age, they obtain satisfaction through oral activities such as breastfeeding, which satisfies the need for pleasure and food (Magnavita, 2002). At any point of time if this…show more content…
One of the limitations is the construction of the memory. The gaining of trust on how much an individual can trust the memory of recollection. While one may not remember what happen in their daily day life, how can one trust this therapy to recollect the memory many years ago. The construction of memory may include good memories and memories which can worsen the client’s life as it can be painful one. The client can take drastic decision such as pulling the person to court after the memories have been recollected. Another limitation is the assumptions and manipulation of the therapist. The therapist looks up to them as an expert and assumes a lot of situations. Due to their experience, they tend to come to conclusions that this should be reason. For example, the therapist can fail to clarify or even before going in depth at the situation, they came to their own conclusion. The judgement of the therapist is very fast. They don’t deny when they are in doubt as they assume that it is quite embarrassing to clarify with the client. Also as the client, they cannot argue with the therapist. Hence there is an unequal balance of
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