Psychology-Sense Or Intuition

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1) Critics argue that psychology is just common sense or intuition and that they can understand people's behavior through observations and interactions. What they dont know is that, while there is a slight interaction between psychology and common sense, psychology is completely based on science. - Every problems or experiments are solved through scientific and experimental methods and not just through observations and analysation. All methods of psychology are scientifc. - Every researchs and theories are backed by scientific proofs. - It uses scientific methodology for devising treatments for mental illness and measuring the outcomes.
2) General ethical assurences that must be put in place inorder to safeguards participants
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It illustrates the data clearly and informatively.
8) Some of the key methods that can be used to disseminate our research findings include:
- presenting them at conferences
- publishing it in academic and scientific journals
-communicating it to the genral public by sending details of our studies to the media.
-collaborating it with other organizations and policy makers at goverment levels.
9) Independent variables are those variables that can be manipulated or changed by the experimenter. The participants of the experiment have no control over these variables.
Dependent variables are those variables that the experimenter measure in an experiment. The participants have complete control over these variables.
A change in the independent variable causes a change in the dependent variable. For Example: A scientist wants to study whether eating a lot of chocolates causes illeness in children. The amount of chocolates given will be the indpendent variable and the onset of illeness will be the dependent variable. The illness (dependent variable) can reduce or increase based on the reduction or incrementation of the chocolates ( indpendent
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15) If a sports teacher wants to test how good a goal keeper is, he/she will operationalise the experiment by counting how many time the goal keeper make a save. Basically, operationalising of a variable referes to how we define and measure the dependent and independent variables used in our study. Here, the measurement of the variables is the countinf of the saves made by the goal keeper.
16) An experimenter wants to find out which genre of music disrupts the concentration of students while studying. By using within-subject design , the experimenter will make the same group of participants listen to different genres of music while they are studying. He/she will then ask the students which genre disrupted their studies the most. A within-subject design is an experiment in the which the same group of participants are exposed to different situations or treatments.
17) An experimenter wants to find out whether drugs and medications or home remedy cures groups of patient suffering from fever at a faster rate. By using between-subject design, the experimenter gives the first group of patients drugs and medications such as an Aspirin
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