Essay On Quantum Computing

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Quantum Computing: A Leap Forward in Processing Power
We live in the information age, defined by the computers and technology that reign over modern society. Computer technology progresses rapidly every year, enabling modern day computers to process data using smaller and faster components than ever before. However, we are quickly approaching the limits of traditional computing technology.
Typical computers process data with transistors.1 Transistors act as tiny switches in one of two definite states: ON or OFF. These states are represented by binary digits known as “bits,” 1 for ON and 0 for OFF.2 Combinations of bits let us describe more complex data, which ultimately becomes the basis for a computer. For instance, a 2-bit computer has four possible bit combinations at any given time: 11, 10, 01, and 00. Every
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Essentially, a quantum computer is not going to replace your laptop. Quantum computers are extremely task specific, meaning that even with IBM’s gate-based approach, those ultra-high processing speeds will only work best on certain types of problems.7 Qubits are very unstable particles; to be used in a computer, they have to be kept at a temperature just a fraction of a degree above absolute zero while shielded from nearly all light and Earth’s magnetic field.7 Even the smallest vibration could disrupt their state. Consequently, quantum computers’ extreme operating conditions confine their use to large research companies or data centers instead of common households, at least until new technology is developed. In accordance with their cumbersome conditions, the fragility of qubits means they also produce a lot of error.7 Some experts estimate that checking the results of one qubit will require 100 additional qubits, meaning that even when quantum supremacy is reached, more qubits are necessary to make the computer truly
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