Minority Group Threats

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Racial minority groups (blacks and Hispanics) as well as the majority group (whites) could either form a coalition or compete depending on the socioeconomic or political objectives that they have, and the location where they reside. A coalition would occur when both groups have similar goals, expectations, and sense of teamwork. A competition would occur when two or more groups are trying to achieve the same goal, but only one can attain success. According to McClain and Karnig, “Socioeconomic indicators included median education, median, income, percent nonpoverty population, and percent employed” (536). It looks like in many circumstances, blacks and whites were afraid of the immigration of Latinos, especially if they were planning to reside…show more content…
talks about three studies that were made regarding immigration and the threats that this brings to the ingroup. Threats that could change the ingroup’s attitudes towards the outgroup. These studies examine four different threats: realistic, symbolic, intergroup anxiety, and negative stereotypes. Basically, realistic threats are things or situations that could potentially cause any harm to the ingroup. An example of a symbolic threat would be like not having the same values and beliefs. According to Stephan et al. based on the first study, “Neither the symbolic threat nor the realistic threat by themselves caused more negative attitudes than the control condition, but then realistic threats and symbolic threats were combined they did lead to more negative attitudes” (5-6). Most racial and ethnic groups do not have the same cultural values and beliefs. A good example that projects a clear image of both realistic and symbolic threats combined would the current immigration issue in the U.S. President Trump has persuaded enough people that undocumented immigrants are a threat for our socioeconomic standing. He has used Mexicans and now Salvadorans as his main examples to create such fear and anger towards the entire Hispanic population. He has used the idea of unemployment and criminal behavior as the realistic threat while the symbolic threat comes in naturally because racial and ethnic groups are indeed culturally
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