Racial Stereotypes In Our Society

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There are lots of major problems in our society and one huge problem is racial stereotypes. People take it very serious and you can see it happening everywhere in the world and it needs to change.

During the segregation days the whites would treat the blacks like trash they were racist and they had to do everything separate. The whites thought that blacks people messed everything up or either they didn't know what they were doing and one stereotype they use to use is all black people did not amount to anything they had to be walked through everything. Or they weren't good for nothing but being loud and fighting and it wasn't right and you still see it today even after they ended segregation.

The media influences people's opinion of (racial
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(Matthew john 12/12/15) *

If they together we can accomplish anything we want.
People think that if they stick together nothing is too hard but they have to know what they are doing. Nancy Jackson 11/9/15
Or we can do this on our own. Everybody needs help and can't do everything on there own but some people like to be independent.

Stereotypes are harmful to society because people use them for evil we people are racist they don't know how they are making people feel that's is why people commit suicide and hurt themselves because people don't know when to stop. And it also hurts other people to lose someone important all because of what they look like it doesn't matter everyone should be treated the same.

An important fact is everyone has feeling and everybody isn't perfect but the way people are treated and talked to hurts some don't show people won't be happy until everyone is gone because it is pushing people to do stupid things because of stupid people.

This illustrates that people need to just stop because what goes around will go back around and if people keep on doing this people will start doing to them and then they will see how that it
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And when we do that it messes up the family because they are losing people because people are being racist and not caring.

This results in suicides, mental health problems, physical health problems people will get obese they can over eat over stupid people and it is really time for a change. In my closing I think it is just time for a change people are getting sick of losing people or going through the same thing and it doesn't make any sense.

Some media is attempting to confront this stereotype by creating web pages and things like that to show victims that they are there for them and they care. And that they probably know what they are going through because they could know how it bad it hurt's and it's good that they are trying to reach out and help.
When you are at the store and a child is acting up people will walk by and say stuff like black kids have no home training. Or in a restaurant a black kid could be crying things like black kids cry for everything.It does not make sense the purpose was all kids cry they don't have to be black and they do have home

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