The Pros And Cons Of Racism In America

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In America, for things to work properly we need to have them in categories. Is a statement used quite often but, not to upon ethnicities. Living in America is a blessing however, it may seem like in order for this country to function we have to “group” people who look the same together. Racism has been around for many years so, it is nothing new. On the other hand, will racism ever “die”? According to a Huffington post article racism will not ever get “better” but our citizens will be immune to the criticism so, it will not affect them as much.

As being a minority it can be hard because when you are the only one to represent your races in an community where you work or go to school, you immediately get the piercing eye of death from your peers. Others stare at you as if you are not wearing clothes because they have never seen your ethnicity before or just start gossiping about your race and start stereotyping your work ethics based on your ethnicity. Looking different can be stressful when you are the only one of your race working or going to school at that community because when you look like a specific race they will start stereotyping you from head to toe seeing if your “fit” that race or if you are “whitewashed” because you live in America. At times it may seem in order for them to accept you, you have to tell them your ethnicity just for them to feel safe or comfortable working alongside you.

However, you can be discriminated by your own race also. In addition, when
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