The Pros And Cons Of Racism

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We are now living in a time of discrimination. I asked two questions later, but I would like to add another question and I want to talk about it and I hope to answer it or give the answer to the people. When will discrimination end?. Many people have suffered and are still at risk of racism or racial discrimination, so Racism is a doctrine based on discrimination between people according to their sexual origin and color. This distinction has rights and benefits. Racism can also be defined as the belief that there are differences and elements inherited by the ingenuity of people and their ability to attribute them to belonging to a group or race, and thus to justify the social and legal treatment of individuals belonging to this group. The term is also used to refer to practices in which a particular group of…show more content…
The negatives of racism are reflected on both the individual and the community. The individual is the brick of society, if the individual is correct the whole society is correct, and vice versa. One of the racial disadvantages to the individual; Racism generates hatred between the racist person and the person to whom the racist behavior is practiced, a person who is exposed to racism is rejected in all meetings, Make the individual who is exposed to racism a lonely and outcast living away from others and Racism works to narrow the thought of those who practice it for their own attention away from the feeling of others. The negatives of racism on society: Racism makes society a disjointed disintegration, Racism generates conflicts among members of society, Racism creates an atmosphere of hatred and hatred among its people,Racism creates an atmosphere of fear, repression and instability finally; Racism may ignite war in society, fanning each sect with its own

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