Railroad In America Essay

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Numerous people believe that freight railroads are a non-entity in the United States. The main point is that railroads in the United States are required as an huge economic driver for the country. Railroads bring in billions of dollars a year as a whole. Railroads create numerous jobs for Americans. Railroads transport literally tons of freight per year to countless bussinesses large and small across the country. Freight trains carry the most freight in tons compared to others modes of transportation such as trucks and airplanes. Railroads are still required in our country because of lowered highway traffic, can transport a huge number of freight at once, and a large economic driver. There are a myraid of types of rail car equipment (locomotives…show more content…
This is due to air pollution and that the building of railroad infastructure has broken apart the wildlife ecosystem. According to The Enviormental Literacy Council, “While trains are more energy efficient than automobiles, they do have their own effects on the environment, including producing nitrogen dioxide, carbon dioxide, and particulate matter that can contribute to air pollution and negative health effects.” In addition, according to The Enviormental Literacy Council, “Railroads act as physical barriers when animals are unable to cross through their usual habitats due to physical characteristics of the infrastructure.” This means that locomotives spew harmful exhaust and they block animals from roaming in their natural habitat. According to the Association of American Railroads, railroads “Reduce greenhouse gas emissins by 75% instead of using trucks.” In addition, according to the ARR, “A train can carry the freight of several hundred trucks.” This would mean that less harmful exhaust is spewed if trains are used becuase trains can carry more than hundreds of trucks combined. To support this sentence, “ For particulate matter and nitrogen oxides, emissions for railroads are significantly lower than emissions for trucks.” This means that train spew a lot less gas than trucks do. A lot of railroad tracks that are tearing apart ecosystems are abandoned, or not in use anymore, which would mean that animals can just cross the
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