The Pros And Cons Of Raising The National Debt

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(1) I can see how you would say “several presidents that fit into this category but I read about two in particular.” if you are talking about raising the National Debt. Reagan more than doubled the National Debt, from$997,853 million in 1981 to $2,602,337 million in 1988 and GW Bush also more than almost doubled the National Debt going from $5,807,463 million in 2001 to $ 10,024,724 in 2007. When it comes to a discussion about National Debt, would please explain (I know you most likely will not reply) how President Reagan’s approval rating has anything to do with the topic? This debt increase was very attributable to lowering taxes on the top 1%. Also please explain, if you will, how GW BUsh’s starting a war had anything to do with the National
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