The Pros And Cons Of Rap In Our Culture

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Yan Gorshtenin
Ms. Kreycik
English II
March 9 2016

The Pro’s and Con’s of Rap in our culture

Just as the twentieth century had rock, jazz and disco, the twentieth century in which we live now revolves around hip-hop and our culture is defined by it. Hip-hop has much success for anyone who is producing, but means to me the difference between culture difference and success. Hip hop means good times and uplifting (words in a song). It means letting go of the past and looking forward to the future. It means closing your eyes and having feelings that can make you see things in a beautiful light. Unfortunately, it seems as if real hip hop is hard to find! So many criminals in the game have ruined what we truly knew as hip hop in order to have success they bring violence into their lyrics and exposing the rap music industry for money to themselves. Rap is a two way street and after its massive growth it finally left the hood. Rappers now own multi million dollar estates and travel the world, rap has become so popular nowadays that our whole generation lives around it, dance to it, and make money from it. Therefore Rap is an art from that our culture held on to.

Rappers in our generation start using slang, abusive words that lead teenagers to use them then business goes from profit to spreading violence in lyrics just for the rappers sake of their own profit.
It’s a problem that the rap music is exploiting racially and sexist music to teenagers, and teaching

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