Argumentative Essay: Should Rapid Fire Guns Be Banned?

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Rapid fire guns also need to ban because of the bullets can shred human flesh and ricochet through human with horrific force. This is due of the strong force of the bullets, it can make a victim’s body to be in terrible conditions after being shot. These barbaric actions involving the use of rapid fire guns can tear down one man’s family and live hood in matters of seconds. According to Collins and Swoveland (year?), while individuals killed and injured of gun violence are publicly remembered and mourned, victims of these tragedies are not limited to whose are being killed or injured but it will affect entire communities and families. They also state that it will leave a family’s members in traumatized and can affect a mental healthiness and…show more content…
According to the data from the U.S center for Disease control and Prevention (CDC), around 93 of USA citizen are killed by guns every day from 2011 to 2015. These stats clearly show that the possession of illegal firearm among the society is still in the ‘red zone’. Given the stats above, a background check by the law enforcement must be performed periodically among the private firearm dealers that are legally registered to ensure the rules are followed at all times. Any private firearm dealers who are not following the rules for the latest gun control law, must returned back their license and hence being penalized afterward. The private firearm dealers who have registered with the law enforcement must attend an annual registered license to ensure the dealers to keep a safety insurance throughout the year. There was a Chicago method, where once your gun isn't registered on time, you will lose it forever and have to pay a tax masquerading as a fee for the privilege. (Caffrey, 2016). Furthermore, for those who apply the license must have a solid reason to own a gun or selling the guns. The reason why most people need to get a registered gun is for civilian safety purposes. For the VIP and Royal families, they have the privileges to apply for the license since they are
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