The Pros And Cons Of Recreational Drugs

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For years, various drugs have existed in order to serve the needs of humans in numerous ways. Depending on the type of drug, humans will intake them for their own purposes. In modern times, the classification of drugs have been divided into two categories: pharmaceutical drugs and recreational drugs. Pharmaceutical drugs are used to prevent and cure illnesses, and can be either prescribed by a doctor or can be obtained by buying them over the counter. These drugs have been officially recognized by doctors and medical scientists for them being deemed safe and efficient enough to treat people. Recreational drugs are controlled substances that are used to alter one’s state of mind by modifying the person’s emotions and perceptions. They are usually used without the supervision of a medical practitioner and can increase the chances of a person in abusing the drugs. There have been many discussions and debates on the usage of pharmaceutical drugs compared to that of recreational drugs and the classification of both types of drugs. One issue that has sparked a conversation about this topic is the news article about a British woman named Laura Plummer who has been sentenced to three years in prison in Egypt for illegally bringing a recreational drug called tramadol, a synthetic opioid drug that can treat moderate to severe pain, but can also be highly abused by people. She claimed that she brought in the drug from her country for her husband, who had been having chronic back pain.

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