Modern Recruitment Methods

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Introduction According to Trevor Bolton (1997) recruitment is concerned with the production of the "definitions" of a job (job descriptions and personnel specifications) and also with attracting the interest of suitably qualified candidates in the vacant position. Recruitment and selection is one of the many roles played by a human resource manager in an organization. In the human resource department they deal with what positions need to be filled, they take the possible candidates through a series of interviews, select the best candidate for the job, the training of the employees, they also tell the employees all about the services they offer and they make sure that the employees and the organization are highly motivated.…show more content…
E-Recruitment/OnlineRecruitmentMethod: The buzzword and the latest trends in recruitment is the “E-Recruitment”. Also known as ‘Online recruitment’, it is the use of technology or the web based tools to assist the recruitment processes. The tool can be either a job website like, the organization’s corporate web site or its own intranet. Many big and small organizations are using Internet as a source of recruitment.
They advertise job vacancies through worldwide web. The job seekers send their applications or curriculum vitae (CV) through an e-mail using the Internet.
2. Video interviews Gone are the days of flying a bunch of candidates to your office for final interviews. With today’s video technology, that’s an unnecessary waste of time and money. Savvy are interviewing their shortlist on Skype, Google Hangouts, or recruitment-specific video software. With these video interviews, you’ll probably find a candidate or two who’s clearly not a good fit. Once you weed them out, you can then invite the top few to an in-person interview with the whole
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Social media websites such as LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter have communities where potential employees submit their resumes and credentials in the hope of landing a job. There are dozens of other mediums you can take advantage from, when it comes to modern recruitment methods in general and the age old debate of which method is better, is one which will go on for quite some time.
Scouting means sending the representation of the organizations to various sources of recruitment with a view to persuading or stimulating the candidates to apply for jobs. The representatives provide information about the company and exchange information and ideas and clarify the doubts of the candidates.
Advantages of Modern requirements.
1. Widen recruitment sourcing at relatively low cost
2. Helps to reduce the time-per-hire and cost-per-hire.
3. At present internet user has grown highly, not only developed countries but also third world countries .So, now internet allows to firms reach potential applicants anywhere in the
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