The Pros And Cons Of Recycling

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Recycling in general

There are three most important key words which is the 3” R 's” recycle: using any material to make and to produce a new product Reuse :reuse the good material again and again Reduce :lowering , lesser the amount of waste produced

To begin with , there are many different material to recycle or to reuse it in good way such as plastic bottles , some glass , another metal..
In addition , we take the trash and the material from the garbage and then remanufactured into perfect product again .
Farther more , what we conceder there are a very large percentage of house hold still do not recycle to be reuse it in new products .
In fact , some scientist did some searches they find that a pig percentage of house hold and good matial still not recycle , they look at the garbage they conclude that the garbage contain :
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Economic depressions of those years; made recycling a necessity because people to survive, as they couldn 't afford new goods. In the 40s of 20th century, goods such as rubber and many metals were rationed and recycled to help support the war needs.

 1960s and 1970s (Grabianowski, 2011):
In the 70s an environmental movement indicated by the first Earth Day the recycling once again became a conventional idea. However recycling suffered from unaccepting years due to public acceptance and the market for recycled goods not growing which it grew year by year to make it finally become a well-accepted and serious matter to care about.

 21st Century:
Recycling is now one of the most accepted and cared about event globally, as every member of the society has concluded its necessity and importance to the environment which will be as a return to our health. People and industries are adopting number of recycling activities, and using recycled items in the working place, such as

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