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In general, pescatarians are health conscious individuals. However, there are many for being pescatarian because they don’t like the idea of animals being slaughtered. For some individuals, a pescatarian diet may be a stepping stone to becoming vegetarian or vegan. Moreover, for some vegetarians who feel the need to add some protein in their diet (for health reasons) or because of business or social settings, being a pescatarian is a way they balance the two. There are many reasons why people choose not to eat meat. Studies indicate how animals are mistreated. Animals’ are known to carry diseases but are more seen as impure for they are injected with steroids, drugs and hormones in order to produce larger quantities of meat which not only has a negative effect on the animal but can lead to cancer in humans. Research has claimed that…show more content…
Saturated fat is known to increase your chance of getting a heart disease. The healthy fat is called unsaturated fats. In comparison, meat contains a far larger quantity of saturated fats than fish. E.g.: A piece of sirloin weighing the same as a piece of salmon has over 3 grams of saturated fat whereas the salmon has no more than 1 gram. There is great evidence that fish helps prevent diseases with no proof that red meat does the same, however there is significant research that shows the various vitamins and minerals that meat contains, with red meat containing more iron than fish. The harmful effects of omega 3 however, only occur when you consume the incorrect portion size. When red meat is consumed, regardless of your serving size, you are exposed to those risks posed. This proving that omega 3 is more safe and beneficial. In a pescatarian diet, one does not only get their protein from fish, but from: nuts, seeds, beans and lentils. Not only do these foods have less cholesterol and fat in them in relation to meat, but they are cheaper, with beans and lentils being the cheapest

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