Stressors In Relationships

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It all starts with two people, being friends. Now, when it comes to being friends with benefits (FWB’S) research shows that these relationships are popular with college students and is about 60%. Now let’s peruse into the one-night stand status, I didn’t find a percentage on that, but stands on a completely casual status. One-nighter’s are leveled on a physical basis and lack intimacy and closeness. It is based on the physical act itself and has no further contact. So, some partners enjoy that fact – it is nothing personal and there are no remains of any future contact. Unless it is unprotected sex- but that is another paper at another time, and a whole different level of stressors. Let’s start on the topic at hand, stressors of FWB’s and how it can affect an individual. FWB’s can get complicated and slightly curious. You start as friends, maybe with some attraction, a casual interaction with…show more content…
Most relationship from FWB, do not last. Starting out, you both may share your thoughts and feelings and be on the same level and seems like a reason to become FWB partners. However, can you have this kind of relationship without emotions and draw the line between not being vulnerable and sharing privately? With this change what happens to the true friendship that originally had? Conversations may change and even become uncomfortable. What if one of the agreed FWB’s meets someone else and starts a new relationship. You’re not included in the relationship you original had- their time is spent with someone else and now your all alone. Your FWB is not even your friend anymore. This is confusing, and a lot of lines are going to get crossed. We ALL have had or have that “Stage 5 clinger” in our lives and that can cause stress on a new relationship as well as the pre-existing friendship. Some FWB’s participants fear of relationship commitment, romance, and daily burdens of a serious

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