The Pros And Cons Of Revenge

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6 COLD REVENGE This is the coldest and cruelest revenge you could ever serve on anyone is indifference. The good thing is, this never fails, especially if the person hasn't changed. This is an absolute. You have an inside track to the patterns of the person because of what they did to you. You have more authority then you could ever image to protect others. From the same abuse. Yet, people throw away their power every day with silly none lasting revenge tactics. I know I'm not suppose to share this, but many people use meditation and or prayer to reach the point of indifference. Regardless of which method you use, the ability to employ and use the highest thought will determine your success. The highest thought is never violence,…show more content…
Unless you are outwardly rude to a child, children will usually show you respect if no more then to look at you with a big question mark on their face. When a child is mistreated, they may or may not understand the details. All they know is their feelings are hurt. Either way, revenge is not yet in their nature or vocabulary. They depend on their guardians, parents and teachers to protect them. However sometimes they get caught in a situation where no one knows what's really happening. Because the child may not understand, nothing is said. Years can go by before the injustices are brought to light. Unjust acts against a child will ALWAYS come to the light. It may take a year, ten years or even 20, but the truth will surface. The Universe can't cope with injustices against Innocent children, and will find a way to shed light on the issue. The child continues his life, without the thought of revenge, but sooner or later, revenge is served and most times is disastrous for those involved. If you don't believe me ask the Catholic
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