Riverfront Revitalization Report

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CHAPTER FIVE Discussion, Implications and Conclusion. 1.1. Introduction We can make our Riverfront with patience and persistence. People are recognizing that Riverfronts can bring new life to them and energy to their communities. They are doing this by creating new economic activity, redeveloping historic and abandoned structures, improving Riverfront recreation, and protecting natural resources. We found that the keys that making our Riverfront assets should include a clear vision and plan, wide public involvement, creative partnerships, patience, persistence and clear strategy. Our community must be a part of a successful Nile Riverfront development and they can take full advantage of their Nile Riverfront is by using Riverfront Revitalization…show more content…
By working together, these groups can revitalize a community’s natural resources, as well as its built environment. This Chapter will help define the roles and responsibilities of each of this groups as they come together in a partnership in the framework of River Revitalization Program. 1.2. How is the Chapter organized The Chapter follow a step-by step process to help us to put the framework of River Revitalization Program which help us to make the most of our Nile Riverfront. These steps include: 1. Developing a Riverfront vision highlighting the importance of generating a sense of our community ownership of the Riverfront and defining its future. 2. Establishing partnerships - showing how to strengthen our community’s involvement in the revitalization of our Nile Riverfront and ensuring the key players are on board. 3. Taking a look around - helping our community to understand the Riverfront, its assets, and key issues and opportunities. 4. Developing a strategy - showing our community how to pull it all together to fulfill the…show more content…
Providing grant funds. What is the Suggested Riverfront Revitalization Program? Riverfront Revitalization Program is both a land and water use plan prepared by our community, as well as the strategy to implement the plan. The Program may be comprehensive and address all issues that affect a community's entire Riverfront or it may address only the most critical issues facing a significant portion of its Riverfront. As a planning document, Riverfront Revitalization Program is a locally prepared land and water use plan for the community’s developed, natural, public Riverfront. It provides a comprehensive framework within which a community’s vision for its Riverfront can be formalized. As we suggest working in partnership with the Government, a community reaches consensus on the future of its Riverfront, by establishing new local policies and outlines the implementation techniques it will use to achieve our vision. As a strategy, Riverfront Revitalization Program provides the organizational structure, local laws, projects, and on-going work that implements the plan. This is the part of the Program that will make the difference to our Nile Riverfront it is the implementation of that

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