The Pros And Cons Of Robots

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What’s going to happen to all of the unemployed? How much longer will we have these jobs till we’re replaced? Are they doing more harm than good? These are questions that people ask when they think about robots and how technology is advancing. I believe that while there are bad things that happen from robots as a person who is going to school for computer science and technology I believe that these robots can do well, I just think that we shouldn’t let them control everything. One of the main reasons I think that technology and robots is a good thing is because as a kid I grew up with an interest in space exploration and other things related to that so I got a big interest in NASA and what they were doing. A good thing about robots in space exploration is we can send robots there instead of humans to make sure that it’s safe and that we can do it without problems or risk one major robot that I always think of when I think of robotics is the Mars Rover because to me that was such a big deal because we sent a robot to another planet to collect information about that planet and we were able to figure out all of these things for example: we figured out that Mars use to have water which was a big deal because now we are trying to send people to Mars which will be a big step in space exploration and it’s all thanks to a robot that we were able to figure that out. Right now NASA is working on a robot called the Robonaught which is basically a humanoid robot that is supposed to be
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