The Pros And Cons Of Robots

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The development of advanced technology has changed our life in a number of aspects. Among all the advanced technology, the invention of robots serves as the most proud innovation of human beings in that the functions of robots can be strikingly similar to real humans’ and even transcend human beings’ abilities. Thus, people always substitute the robot for manpower to get engaged in something hazardous or to surmount difficulties people cannot solve, such as to detect whether the bomb is dangerous or not, to investigate whether there are some living creatures in other planets, to examine whether the materials are poisonous or not, to sweep the mines in the battlefield and so on. In addition, many types of robots are also created to deal with humans’ trifles. For example, some robots can sweep the floor or brush the toilet for people while some can take care of pets or look after the house. Thus, there is nothing we can deny that the invention of robots really improves our living quality and leads us to a convenient and efficient life. Although robots can provide so much convenient service for people, most designs of robots can serve people just in the level of human labor. They cannot talk just like humans chat with each other. Their talking styles still cannot be very similar to humans’ speaking manners. After all, human beings’ thinking processes cannot be imitated by robots. The dialogue between the talking robot called ELIZA and the young lady serves as a good
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