The Pros And Cons Of School Counseling

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Bethany Hill once stated, “Every child you pass in the hall has a story that needs to be heard, maybe you are the one that needs to hear it.” That quote works because the person might have trouble at home and they might need a counselor to almost let a burden off of their shoulders and tell their story to. Some of the reasons Career Cruising chose being a school counselor for me because I like training and teaching, working with children and providing advice. I am most interested in pursuing a career as a school counselor because of its likeable working conditions, straightforward responsibilities and simple career preparations. School counselors provide information and support to students of all ages. They also help students make great choices…show more content…
Some of the advantages of being a school counselor are, according to Ben, the challenges of working out problems with students. Ben also likes working with other people. For me personally, I think the challenge is a disadvantage, because when I am under pressure, I start to freak out. What I found surprising about A Day in the Life of a school counselor is that a person in that field actually teaches a class. Also what surprised me me was that school counselors do not have much time to be alone and think, they are always moving, as with any other teacher. I think that the best part of the job is getting to work with children all day. Even now, at the age of twelve, I like babysitting little kids. Some of the disadvantages of being a school counselor, according to Ben, feeling overwhelmed and working with students that want him to make the decision for them. Also facing the hard and emotional parts of life. For Alison, for a day in the life, sher works from 9am to 5pm. I think that is hard because depending how far away the school you work at is, and how long after the day ends a person in this position stays, they could get home right before dinner time. Even KHMS is almost half an hour away from my subdivision. The worst part, in my opinion, would be being on my feet all day if I were to pursue a career in this
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