Argumentative Essay: Should Teachers Have Guns In Schools?

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“Since 2013 there has been an average of one school shooting a week in the U.S., and 18 since the beginning of this year.This is a horrific thing that is getting out of control in the U.S. When a gunman killed 20 first graders and six adults with an assault rifle at Sandy Hook Elementary School in 2012, it rattled Newtown, Conn., and reverberated across the world. Since then, there have been at least 239 school shootings nationwide. In those episodes, 438 people were shot, 138 of whom were is time we bring awareness to this situation. There are many different opinions on this subject.” There are varying views on this issue. My view is, if select teachers had guns in this school. You wouldn’t know which teachers had the guns. The…show more content…
KNowing that the shooter might be more frightening knowing the school and secure and ready and he is as risk of dying before anyone else because teachers would have these on hand ready to go. Last but not least, Reason 3 it can appromatl take law enforcement from 5 min-1 hour trying to get to the school in that 5 minutes people could be shot and killed. Plus when cops get there they don 't automatically go in they typically wait for a SWAT team they could take up even more time. Having guns with teachers already in the school can solve that problem because they don 't have to wait and precious lives doesn 't have to be lost or put in that much danger. Now some people counterclaim or go against that. For example, “A teacher who is also a reserve police officer trained in firearm use ‘accidentally’ discharged a gun Tuesday at Seaside High School in Monterey County, Calif., during a class devoted to public safety, school officials said in a statement. A male student was reported to have sustained non-life-threatening injuries”. So that is a reason why some people don 't want teachers to have guns in the school. Also parents, just thinking about having ubs in the school would freak them out and some parents would probably try and take their child out of school and protest but it is for the school system own

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