The Pros And Cons Of School Uniforms

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In the college of De La Salle Lipa, students have a popular issue: Can the school uniform be replaced with casual attire? Because of that, a survey was conducted to 50 college students of DLSL to know what they choose to wear and the reason behind their choice. Results shows that 64% of them would want to wear casual attire in going to school due to convenience, freedom of expression, and fashion. However, the remaining 36% of the interviewed students prefer the usual tradition of wearing school uniforms due to the fear of being bullied and criticize on what they will wear due to the availability and style of the clothes they have. Reading those figures, it only shows how students prioritize their physical performance more than their class performance. This issue is a serious and a must tackled issue to be discussed for the enlightenment of the students’ mind, because in college, students are supposed to be focused in studying for the success of their future, but for students who want to replace the school uniform that’s usually never the case because of the time and money they will spent to wear faddy clothes. Most teenagers make first impressions which are mostly based on the clothes you wear to classify you as a nerd, a geek, a jock, the queen bee, and any other typical cliché names. Nobody will be friends with you if you are dressed like a geek or a goth, but that’s the problem teens are judged before getting to know the kindness that is actually hidden underneath all

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