The Pros And Cons Of School Uniforms

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School uniforms are the ones that are used and worn by students for schools or educational institutions. These types of clothes are found generally in primary and secondary schools in many countries all over the world. Uniforms can be either simple in requirements or restricting such as using specific color choices or limiting the items and objects students are allowed to wear. For dress codes, they are less restrictive and they focus on promoting the concept of modesty and discouraging the anti-social fashion trends and statements. However, there are some groups that are with promoting students to wear school uniforms and some that are against. School uniforms help students to focus and concentrate on school work rather than other students, makes them feel more secured and makes them feel they are united. (Frontiers Academy, 2014). From the viewpoint of some groups, school uniforms have the ability to discourage crime and increase the level of safety and security within schools and institutions. According to studies and researches, they show that students who follow wearing school uniforms are less exposed to any type of violence. Moreover, this eliminates finding weapons under baggy clothes worn by other violent students. School intruders can be recognized and observed better if they sneak into campuses.Frank Quatrone, the superintendent in the Lodi district of New Jersey mentioned that “When you have students dressed alike, you make them safer. If someone were to come

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