The Pros And Cons Of School Uniforms

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Text A: School uniforms 1. There are three different views in each of the three texts, and it clearly stands out how the first article by Ann Svensen has a neutral point of view when it comes to uniforms. Instead of picking sides, she enlightens us with multiple arguments - both pro-uniforms and anti-uniforms. She states for example that uniforms reduce “competition, pressure and assaults perpetrated by older kids on younger kids for their sneakers and other possessions” (p. 1, “Pros and Cons”), but it is also a “violation of students’ rights to free expression” (p. 1 “If You’re a Skeptic, Get in Line”). The second article by Laura Clark, is more embracive towards the uniform idea, as she claims throughout the text that uniforms lessen bullying, increase the individual student’s behaviour and concentration and simply make the daily triviality of picking clothes disappear. The last article written by Suzanne Moore, shares the negative sides of wearing uniforms in school. Moore informs us how the idea restricts children and teenagers from doing certain activities and the uniform made her feel “dispirited by the ridiculousness of it” (p. 1, l. 12-13). There are plenty of reasons to why the uniform should be abolished; uniforms are expensive, many good schools don’t have uniforms and children bully each other because of their accessories instead of their clothes. 2. It is important to note that Moore is neither a psychologist nor a person with great knowledge on this topic,
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