The Pros And Cons Of Schools In Mixed Schools

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Perhaps no subject in the contemporary society as controversial as the matter of education. Some people think that the boy and girl students should be taught in separate schools, while others argue that the teaching boys and girls in mixed schools is better. From my point of view, I partly disagree with this idea as each type of school have merits and demerits and they are affected by factors such as traditions, customs, culture, society and religious beliefs of the people as well as the methods and social management policy of the government in each country. In the following essay, some reasons of two opposite opinions will be discussed in detail.

On the one hand, people believe that boys and girls should study in a separate gender-based system based on some advantages. First of all, it is a safer method because in the modern society, lifestyle of boys and girls tend to live more open. This lead to in every year, various sexual offences are accounted for by the neighbourhood or national news, with regards to of assault or other wrong sexual practices, particularly in nations allowing both sexes to study in one school. Therefore, examining in single-sexual orientation establishments can diminish the rate of these statistics. As a prime example, nearly 10% of all students in the United States of America were victims of sex crimes. In California, this figure continued to increase dramatically and was at an alarming level. This is due to the lack of schools in the protection of

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