Essay About Slavery In Thailand

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Imagine being stuck in the middle of the ocean on a giant ship with hundreds of men around you. You are working in 100 degree weather with the smell of rotting fish filling the air that makes you feel sea sick and upsets your already starving and sick stomach. Imagine dwelling all of this from months to years, this is what immigrants in Thailand have to face in the fishing industry. In Thailand there have been reports of Cambodian and Myanmarese immigrants being forced into cruel and horrific conditions on the open sea as ‘Sea Slaves’. Most men and boys who end up as ‘Sea Slaves’ end up in that situation because of wanting to pay off family debt or being lured across the border by traffickers. Primarily, these men are used to forage fish so they can be sold for a cheap price. Much of their slave work goes to selling fish for feeding poultry, Americans, and using fish for canned cat and dog food in the United States. This modern day slavery can be stopped though with regular boat…show more content…
Organizations such as the United Nations Labour Agency, The European Union, United States state department, and even food companies such as Mars and Thai Union Frozen Products are already taking a stand for the lack of governing in Thailand. Thailand was the only country that believed that traffickers should not be punished for what they do which obviously caused even more backlash. Thailand was already given many warnings and is ranked the lowest country to deal with human trafficking. According to an article written by The Guardian, “ Thailand’s $6.5 billion (£5.2bn) seafood export industry – the world’s fourth largest, according to the most recent figures – has suffered significantly following allegations of human rights and labour abuses, and illegal, unreported and unregulated fishing.” Brining witness to the issue will end up destroying the fishing industry in Thailand unless things are done to stop
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