Argumentative Essay About College Days

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In today’s world, secondary education has become a staple in first world countries. A college degree opens a whole new realm of opportunity for the person who possesses it. Nearly every desirable, well-paying job in the world requires some form of post high school education. College has become the go to form of secondary education for students to propel themselves into the professional world. With college comes freedom and with freedom comes a lot of opportunity to make a mistake. It’s no secret that colleges around the U.S. are known just as much for partying as they are for their academics. Some would argue that college has become a place where many kids go just to party, but I have seen first hand that this argument is flawed in many ways. With how competitive our job market has become college students know what is at stake if they can’t get their degree. Most students know that academics come first in college and, as a whole, college students are very serious-minded when it comes to academics. In high school, I never really gave much of an effort to my academics. It…show more content…
I have a lot of friends who join clubs that have to do with their majors. These clubs enable students to practice doing tasks that they would do in their job after college. For example, one of the finance clubs focuses on investing stock with real money provided by Ohio University. Students that want to go into investing know that this is a great opportunity to practice their skills and stick out from a group of job applicants. There are many other clubs just like this and tons of students are signing up to further their academic careers. The time they spend at these clubs is after school hours and could be used to do whatever the students want to do. They use this time to study and learn about fields in their major, instead of going out or doing other unproductive
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