The Pros And Cons Of Section 15 Contracts Act 1950

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a) Termination of contract, rescue from insolvency and liquidation: -
Termination of contract Termination of contract is considered to be lawful when a legitimate reason happens to end of the contract before performance has been completed. This contract call as the terminate contact is because the contract has become legally responsible under the law in the Malaysia and cannot be fulfil their stipulator duties. When this contract is failure to perform, then this contract will be result in breach of contract lawsuit or other legal liabilities. But, it also can be legally terminated before the contractual duties have been fulfilled.
Factors vitiating the contract to become voidable
i) Coercion
Under Section 15 Contracts Act 1950, when a person is persuasive by another to do some action like using the actual or endangered physical violence, psychological pressure, threats, economic duress or the bringing of unfounded criminal proceeding against him. The target of the coercion need not be the actual plaintiff but could involve the plaintiff’s family, near relatives or even his properties. All of that actions are force under criminal act or unlawfully detains or threatens to detain a guiltless party’s property. So, that plaintiff has an option to avoid the contract, plaintiff also has obligation to restore benefit such as the person withdrawing the contract must return the benefit he received under the contract to the person from whom the benefit was received, and the

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