The Pros And Cons Of Sedentary Lifestyle

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Sedentary lifestyle engaging in smoking practices Sedentary lifestyle is dominating the world right now and that is because of technology, we are living in a world where we can get and do something in just one click. “A sedentary activity level describes someone who gets little to no exercise. If you spend a lot of time sitting at a desk or watching television, without working out regularly, you’re considered sedentary.” (Christensen, 2013) That is why people nowadays don’t engage in physical activities. Sir Piñero stated, “The common reasons why college students tend to have a sedentary lifestyle is because of laziness and lack of discipline.” People think that they can survive even without having a physically fit body. People think that we…show more content…
Sitting, like smoking, is very clearly bad for our health and the only way to minimize the risk is to limit the time we spend on our butts each day.” It says that they have the same effects on the body and some are irreversible but can be minimized, through physical activity most likely exercise. Smoking and sedentary lifestyle has a relation towards each other and there are many reasons why people smoke because of sedentary lifestyle. We did a research about this topic concerning the relationship of sedentary lifestyle and smoking. In this research paper we want to identify and describe the reasons why a person having a sedentary lifestyle engage in smoking practice, we chose the college dormers of Silliman university who smokes and has a sedentary lifestyle to be the respondents since we know that college life is one of the most challenging and busy chapter of each one’s book of life. Our thesis: Dormers with sedentary lifestyle engaged to smoking practices in Silliman University, Dumaguete…show more content…
Having a sedentary lifestyle is a factor why people become obese. Doing nothing except sitting, watching TV and playing games all day can lead to obesity. Energy imbalance: Too many calories inside the body and too few calories burned is the reason of people getting obese. The obese tends to suffer weight stigma or weight-based discrimination. Not only diseases like diabetes will come to them, also there are other consequences of being overweight; it leads to discrimination that is also a factor of anxiety and depression. According to the Obesity Society (n.d.), Weight stigma occurs through events like an obese person trying to get a job but the company hiring, has a mindset on obese people to be sloppy, lazy, poor role models, disagreeable and less competent. People are stereotyping the obese people negatively. Overweight teens are more likely to be socially deprived, and weight-based teasing can lead in having low self-esteem and depression, according to some research that was

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