The Pros And Cons Of Self-Disclosure

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Self-disclosure to me is allowing people to see who I am and how I really feel. For instance, allowing people to see me be vulnerable by telling my personal thoughts and showing my emotional side. Disclosing myself is a way to let people in emotionally, psychologically, and mentally. In other words, I will have to tell others how I perceive or feel about intimate topics. When I was younger I used to say everything I felt, however as I got older I realized everyone do not have pure intentions. For instance, when I was younger I had told my cousin a secret and when she got upset with me she told my mom. This experience taught me to keep private or personal information to myself, which allowed me to refrain from self-disclosure. Over the years I have not allowed myself to let people in. I do not self-disclose, because I do not like being vulnerable. Being vulnerable can be empowering, because it illustrates the bond and trust between people. However, being vulnerable can also be a sign of weakness, if exposed to the wrong person. Therefore, I am always in character around certain people and act as though nothing is wrong, so I can be in control. I have learned to build up a wall when it comes to expressing intimate emotions and feeling to others. If I do not let anyone in emotionally, I know what I feel or said will not…show more content…
In other words, I do not self-disclose, because I do not want people to form an opinion about my feelings, thoughts, and experiences. For instance, I was talking to my friend one day, she asked me a question and I gave her my response. Then she repeated my response and asked her mother if she agreed with me or not. That moment was unsettling, because I felt like she was belittling my thoughts and feelings about the topic. Furthermore, I did not agree or appreciate with her repeating my words to allow someone else to judge and validate how I felt about
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