The Pros And Cons Of Self-Driving Cars

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A few weeks ago, Elon Musk announced the arrival of Tesla Motors in the UAE. He shared this news at the world government summit in Dubai, where numerous nations gathered to discuss the future of the world. Musk, along with all others investing in self-driving cars, faces many difficult challenges ahead. Many people think that using autonomous vehicles is a bad idea. The debate is still ongoing all over the world. Some do not want to give up the beautiful sound of a petrol-powered engine revving as you put your foot down. Others just do not trust this technology and fear for their safety. Either way, their reasons are preposterous. Self-driving cars are a revolutionary means of travel. Not only are they good for the environment, but they could also increase road safety. Instead of arguing meaninglessly, people should invest their energy trying to fix the faults with this technology. This essay moves beyond the negative views self-driving cars as dangerous road users to suggest that this is a…show more content…
Fast-forward 90 years; it has finally become a real possibility. In 2012, Google began administering their first autonomous vehicles, and they have been improving them ever since. Nissan announced that they are planning to release several driverless cars by 2020. In the UAE, Tesla motors, one of the leading companies in electric self-driving cars, signed a deal with the Dubai Government. They will open shop in Dubai, and the government will build charging stations all over the country. Human driven-cars changed our lives drastically, it has become much easier to travel and transport goods. However, they have also damaged our planet heavily and many lives have been lost in car related accidents. These new electric automatic cars will lead us to a brighter future where there are little to no consequences to accelerated travel. It is obvious that they are a much better alternative for many different
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